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Read all about it! June 2019 ARTifacts

Just the ‘facts: ARLIS/NA Salt Lake City conference report (Breanne Crumpton), upcoming November Chapter meeting in Tallahassee (Leah Sherman), member news (Lee Eltzroth, Marty Miller, John Taormina), new member news (Cara Barker), Chapters Liaison report (Stefanie Hilles), and a book symposium and competition announcement (Teresa Burk), plus the ever-exciting Chapter business meeting report–all in one …

June 2013 ARTifacts Now Available!

The June 2013 issue of ARTifacts is now available for download. Hard copies will be mailed in the next few weeks. If you do not receive a hard copy, and would like one, please send a message to Cary Wilkins, wcary AT