8th Annual LoPresti Award Winners, 1991-92

Ed Teague of the University of Florida was chair of the 8th LoPresti Awards and announced the winners at the 18th annual meeting in Chapel Hill & Durham (November 13-15, 1992). Open awards, no categories.

Art Papers. Atlanta GA: Atlanta Art Papers, Inc.. 1991+

George Cooke, 1793-1849, by Donald D. Keyes; with additional essays by Linda Crocker Simmons, Estelle Curtis Pennington, and William Nathanial Banks. Athens GA: Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, 1991.

The Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg: a Cultural Study, by Graham Hood. Williamsburg VA: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, VA; distributed by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1991>

Max Weber: the Cubist Decade, 1910-1920, essay by Percy North; introduction by Susan Krane. Atlanta GA: High Museum of Art, 1991.

Palladio in Alabama: an Architectural Legacy. Catalog of an Exhibition Held at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, September 29 to November 10, 1991, essay by Louise Joyner; Epilogue by Robert Gamble. Montgomery AL: Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, 1991.

Washington on View: the nation’s Capitol since 1790, by John W. Reps. Chapel Hill NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1991.