31st Annual LoPresti Award Winners, 2014-2015

The Southeast Chapter of ARLIS/NA is pleased to announce the winners of its 31st Annual Mary Ellen LoPresti Art Publication Awards for excellence in art publishing for the copyright year 2014.

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) is the largest international professional organization devoted to art librarianship. The Southeast Chapter of ARLIS/NA established the LoPresti Publication Award Competition in 1985 to recognize and encourage excellence in art publications issued in the Southeastern United States. The publication awards are named for Mary Ellen LoPresti, who was the Design Librarian at the Harrye B. Lyons Design Library, North Carolina State University, until her death in 1985. The winners are kept in the ARLIS/NA Southeast Chapter’s archives at Duke University.

This year’s judges were Caroline Barratt and Emily Luken (University of Georgia and LoPresti co-chairs), Teresa Burk (SCAD Atlanta), Courtney Baron (UGA’s Lamar Dodd School of Art, Visual Resources Center), Melissa Tufts (UGA’s College of Environment and Design library). The judges examined 36 entries from 25 institutions to choose this year’s winners.

If you are interested in applying for next year’s award, please see the Award Guidelines and Entry Form at http://southeast.arlisna.org/awards/lopresti-award/.

Monograph Category


The Landscape Painting of China: Musings of a Journeyman. Harrie A. Vanderstappen. University Press of Florida, 2014.

This impressive monograph covers the great art of Chinese landscape painting from the 9th century through the early 17th century. A life’s work by renowned scholar on Chinese art Professor Harrie Vanderstappen (University of Chicago) and edited by Roger E. Covey (Tang Research Foundation) this one volume book is a feast of scholarship and images with over two hundred full color reproductions and densely annotated essays. This book will make an excellent addition to any art or landscape architecture library and is a valuable resource for the scholar and interested reader alike.


Honorable Mention

creole_worldCreole World: Photographs of New Orleans and the Latin Caribbean Sphere. Richard Sexton, Jay D. Edwards, and John H. Lawrence.  The Historic New Orleans Collection, 2014.

Creole World: Photographs of New Orleans and the Latin Caribbean Sphere is a stunning exploration of the connections, inventions, and evolution of architecture amongst Latin Caribbean urban centers and outposts.  Centering on the northernmost Caribbean-Creole city of New Orleans with its unique blend of old and new, photographer Richard Sexton connects the historic architecture of the “Creole realm,” framing scenes from the Faubourg Tremé alongside views of Havana; interiors of French Quarter homes next to the porches and parlors of Haiti and Cuba; oven tombs from New Orleans’ Saint Louis Cemetery opposite society tombs from Cementario San Diego in Quito, Ecuador.  The two-hundred color photographs spanning nearly four decades of travel are contextualized through two lengthy essays on Creole architecture and Sexton’s photographic process.  As lush and vibrant as its subject, Creole World  is a fascinating look at the interconnected, culturally-rich sphere of Latin-Caribbean architecture.


Exhibition Catalog Category


Beatriz Milhazes: Jardim Botânico. Tobias Ostrander, Tanya Barson, and Paulo Herkenhoff. Pérez Art Museum Miami, 2014.

This catalogue documents the first major U.S. retrospective exhibition of the Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. The exhibition featured large-scale abstract paintings produced over the last 25 years that were informed by various precedents in the history of art and pop culture, including Baroque painting, European Modernism, graffiti, and the decorations of Carnival. The judging committee was particularly impressed with the high production value of this catalogue, which features full-color plates and decorative spot varnish that mimic the artist’s style. The catalogue is complete with essays, a list of works, chronology, and bibliography, and pays homage to the artist’s native land with Spanish translations. Milhazes’ work had previously been unexamined in the United States, making this catalogue the most comprehensive resource on her work and a scholarly exploration of its place in the development of Western abstraction.

Honorable Mention

Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist. Richard J. Powell, Ed. Nasher Museum of Art: Duke University, 2014.

Archibald J. Motley (1891-1981) is known for his vibrant narrative paintings of scenes from the Jazz Age in his native Chicago and abroad in both Paris and in Mexico. Depicting the African American diaspora in the early 19th century, Motley’s paintings present a cultural history among cabarets and the streets of Montparnasse. The exhibition catalogue is replete with full color images of these paintings as well as portraiture and paintings in other styles. Researched essays, a chronology, exhibition checklist and lengthy bibliography make this catalogue one that is both a pleasure to peruse and a scholarly record which updates and expands our understanding of Motley’s work and the exciting time it records.


2015 Award Entries

Angermeier, Paula. Charles Philip Kuntz and Marsden Hartley: Aristing and Converging in Aix. Greenville County Museum of Art. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Bailey, Gordon W. and David Houston. Our Faith Affirmed: Works from the Gordon W. Bailey Collection. The University of Mississippi Museum. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Brown, Dave and Mark Sloan. Awaken the Wall. Halsey Institute of Art. 2014. [DVD]

Clearwater, Bonnie. American Scene Photography: Martin Z. Margulies Collection. Nova Southeastern University Art Museum. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Couch, Dale L. Rugs of the Caucasus. Georgia Museum of Art. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Faquin, Jane W. Charles Courtney Curran: Seeking the Ideal. Dixon Gallery and Gardens. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Fiscus, Jim, Chris Bilheimer, and Asen Kirin. A Year On the Hill: Work By Jim Fiscus and Chris Bilheimer. Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Gealt, Adelheid M., et al. Pierre Daura (1896/1976): Picturing Attachments. Georgia Museum of Art, Daura Gallery, & Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Giguere, Joy M. Characteristically American: Memorial Architecture, National Identity, and the Egyptian Revival. 2014. [Book]

Jeffett, William. Warhol: Art. Fame. Mortality. The Dali Museum. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Jeffett, William and Juan Jose Lahuert. Picasso/Dali Dali/Picasso. The Dali Museum. 2014.[Exhibition cat.]

Jones, Gordon L. Confederate Odyssey: The George W. Wray Jr. Civil War Collection at the Atlanta History Center. University of Georgia Press. 2014. [Book]

Joynt, Steve, Cartledge Weeden Blackwell II, et al. The Art and Design of Mardi Gras. Mobile Museum of Art. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Kelley, Kelli Scott. Accalia and the Swamp Monster. Louisiana State University. 2014. [Book]

Leslie Luebbers, Lisa F. Abitz, Deborah Bradstone. Carrol Cloar in His Studio. University of Memphis Art Museum. 2014. [Book]

O’Neil, Robyn, Margaret Miller, Maggie Nelson, Megain Voeller. Making Sense. University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Ostrander, Tobias, Tanya Barson, and Paulo Merkenhoff. Beatriz Milhazes: Jardim Botanico. Pérez Art Museum Miami. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

McMullan, James. Leaving China: An Artist Paints His WWII Childhood. Algonquin Young Readers. 2014. [Book]

Menapace, John. Smokes and Mirrors: Reflections of the Self in Photographs. Gregg Museum of Art & Design, North Carolina State University. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Motley, Archibald John, Jr., Richard J. Powell. Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist. Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Nawi, Diana, Huey Copeland, Rebecca Zorach. Adler Guerrier: Formulating a Plot. Pérez Art Museum Miami. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Novak, Brett and Mark Sloan. Obey This Film. Halsey Institute of Art. 2014. [DVD]

Oldknow, Tina and Sam Smith. Ginny Ruffner: Aesthetic Engineering. Huntsville Museum of Art. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Quinn, Brooks and Mark Sloan. Bring Me Back My Body. Halsey Institute of Art. 2014. [DVD]

Reynolds, John David and Mark Sloan. Jumaadi: Forgive Me Not to Miss You Not. Halsey Institute of Art. 2014. [DVD]

Richelson, Paul W. Mobile Museum of Art: Selections from Fifty Years of Collecting. Mobile Museum of Art. 2014. [Book]

Rosenthal, John. After: The Silence of the Lower 9th Ward. Safe Harbor Books. 2014. [Book]

Santis, Jorge Hilker. The Miami Generation: Revisited. Nova Southeastern University Art Museum. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Severens, Martha R. From New York to Nebo: The Artistic Journey of Eugene Thomason. University of South Carolina Press. 2014. [Book]

Sexton, Richard. Creole World: Photographs of New Orleans and the Latin Caribbean Sphere. The Historic New Orleans Collection. 2014. [Book]

Sloan, Mark. Halsey Institute Profile. Halsey Institute of Art. 2014. [DVD]

Sloan, Mark and Justin Nathanson. Bob Trotman. Halsey Institute of Art. 2014. [DVD]

Smith, Amber and Lili Corbus. Bearing Witness: The New York Photo League and Sonia Handelman Meyer. The Mint Museum. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Stuhlman, Jonathan, Anthony Doerr, and Mel Chin. Connecting the World: The Panama Canal at 100. The Mint Museum. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]

Swoyer, David. 50 Masterworks from the Brown Collection. The Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum of Art. 2014. [Book]

Vanderstappen, Harrie A., and Roger Covey. The Landscape Painting of China: Musings of a Journeyman. University Press of Florida. 2014. [Book]

Vigilante, Amy and Mahin Ghanbari. Garden of the Heart’s Desire: Selections from the Golzar Collection. University Press of Florida. 2014. [Exhibition cat.]