23rd Annual LoPresti Award Winners, 2006-07

The Southeast Chapter of ARLIS/NA is pleased to announce the winners of its 23rd Annual Mary Ellen LoPresti Art Publication Awards Competition for publications produced in 2006.

The winners were announced by Jennifer Friedman, MIT, 2007 LoPresti Awards Chair, at the 33rd Annual ARLIS/Southeast annual meeting in Nashville, TN on November 9, 2007. Jennifer Beals, University of Tennessee, and Virginia Allison, Watkins School of Art and Design, served on the LoPresti Awards Committee.

Best Book:

openingscenesOpening Scenes by Norman Sieder (Photographer). Published by Safe Harbor Books, 2006. 96p. 54 duotones. ISBN 978-0966579888



Best Book: Honorable Mentions:

printmakinginneworleansPrintmaking in New Orleans edited by Jessis J. Poesch, with contributions by Barbara SoRelle Bacot et al. Published by The Historic New Orleans Collection and University of Mississippi Press, 2006. 271 p. 185 illus. ISBN 978-1578067688



actsoflightActs of Light: Martha Graham in the Twenty-First Century by Nan Dean Cano (author) and John Deane (photographer). Published by University Press of Florida, 2006. 120p. Color illus. ISBN 978-0813029924



Best Exhibition Catalogue (tie):

georgiaokeeffeGeorgia O’Keeffe: Color and Conservation edited by Rene Paul Barilleaux. Published by Mississippi Museum of Art, 2006. 168 p. Color illus. ISBN 978-1887422116




forceofnatureForce of Nature: Site Installations by Ten Japanese Artists by Mark Sloan and Brad Thomas. Published by Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC, 2006. 144p. 250+ color illus.



Best Duo: (tie)

gameofwarGame of War: books, toys, and propaganda from the Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Study Center compiled and edited by James A. Findlay. Published by the Bienes Center for the Literary Arts, 2006. 36p. All col. illus. ISBN 0-9762267-3-1


History of Broward County by Frances H. Miner; compiled and edited by James A. Findlay. Published by the Bienes Center for the Literary Arts, 2006. 34 p. Chiefly col. illus. ISBN 0-9762267-2-3


uneasynatureDario Robleto: Chrysanthemum Anthems by Xandre Eden; Dario Robleto (illustrator). Published by Weatherspoon Art Museum, 2006. 64p. 25 illus. ISBN 978-1890949105.


Uneasy Nature: Lee Bul, Bryan Crockett, Roxy Paine, Patricia Piccinini, Alyson Shotz, and Jennifer Steinkamp by Nancy Doll, Xandre Eden and Marina Warner. Published by Weatherspoon Art Museum, 2006. 72p. 22 illus.


Best Body of Work: Lark Books

500animals500 Animals in Clay: Contemporary Expressions of the Animal Form. Published by Lark Books, 2006. 426p. color illus. ISBN 978-1579907570




500glassobjects500 Glass Objects: A Celebration of Functional and Sculptural GlassPublished by Lark Books, 2006. 396p. color illus. ISBN 978-157990631




500necklaces500 Necklaces: Contemporary Interpretations of a Timeless Form. Published by Lark Books, 2006. 420p. color illus. ISBN 978-1579907013




alteredobjectThe Altered Object: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration by Terry Taylor. Published by Lark Books, 2006. 128p. color illus. ISBN 978-1579908799




penlandbookofwoodworkingPenland Book of Woodworking: Master Classes in Woodworking Techniques. Published by Lark Books, 2006. 224p. color illus. ISBN 978-1579907686