Kudos to the Atlanta Conference Planning Committee!

From Kasia Leousis, ARLIS/NA-Southeast Chapter President:

Congratulations to the Atlanta Chapter Conference Planning Committee!

Teresa Burk, Marty Miller, Amanda Meeks, Kim Collins, Sandra Still, Caroline Barratt, Emily Luken, and Courtney Baron organized and hosted an absolutely wonderful chapter conference in Atlanta that had an outstanding 32 attendees! What a powerhouse team–kudos to everyone involved!

I especially enjoyed the broad ranging and informative presentations from our lightning round speakers Caroline Barratt and Courtney Baron, Breanne Crumpton, Lee Sorensen, Ann Lindell, and Lindsey Reynolds along with the full-length talks given by Courtenay McLeland, Erin Dickey, Elizabeth Grab, and Kelsey Moen, Olivia Miller, Patricia Gimenez, Stephanie Grimm, and Katy Parker. I feel fortunate to be a member of this chapter and to have such engaging, innovative, and inspiring art professionals as colleagues.

Our group benefited from multiple tour opportunities at Emory’s Woodruff Library and Carlos Art Museum as well as those at SCAD Atlanta and the High Art Museum. A special visit by Vamp and Tramp completed this afternoon’s activities. I’d also like to thank the team for arranging such beautiful weather during our stay in Atlanta! And a special thanks goes to Sandra Still for opening up her beautiful home to us and hosting Thursday night’s reception.

My congratulations extend to Kim Windham at Florida A&M University who is our VP/President Elect and Katy Parker at SCAD who is our new Treasurer. Thanks to you both for volunteering to serve our chapter in such important ways.

Safe travels to all attendees and I look forward to seeing everyone in Seattle…and then…Sarasota in 2016!

Best regards,
President, ARLIS/NA Southeast